Meet Dwight and Linny

Founders of international voice of the orphan

Married for 37 years, Dwight and Linny’s long passionate advocacy for the plight of the orphan began 30 years ago with their first international adoption. Over the next 30 years they would journey to other countries to gather many more treasures. Older child adoption and special needs have fueled their passion. Dwight and Linny are now in the process of adopting number 13 – their baker’s dozen!!

Early in their marriage, Dwight completed law school and served as an attorney in Western New York for almost 11 years. At that time, they felt led to close the practice, pack their family up and move south to attend seminary. After seminary they senior pastored for 20 years.

Given Dwight’s experience in law, ministry and as a father of many once-orphaned, he has the unique ability to serve International Voice of the Orphan and advocate for those who have no voice.

Linny’s greatest joy is being a Mom of Many. She advocates for the orphan through her blog, Place Called Simplicity. Linny has also written her first book, Rescuing Ruby detailing the rescue and adoption of their youngest, found dying in the corner of an orphanage, weighing just six pounds at thirteen months old.

Dwight and Linny’s five oldest are married and have seven (so far) grandchildren, three of whom are also adopted.

They make their home in beautiful Arizona.