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SriLanka feeding program

We feed thousands of orphans around the world each month from India, Uganda to SriLanka. Here’s a photo one of our partners sent us of a few children that we have fed in SriLanka! feeding program in sriLanka

Opio from The Gem Foundation

Opio is a child from the gem foundation We thank you all for your continued prayers on behalf of our Opio! We are so happy to share that Opio is home and doing well. He has been healing and is breathing now on his own! He went for his review today and the Doctor was so pleased with his progress! Thank you friends for walking this journey with us, for praying for us, and for donating to pay his medical bills! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Orphans Fall Harvest

Orphans Harvest: Starting Thursday we have a Harvest Challenge to raise $10,000 for The Gem Foundation. Normally we can handle the summer slump but this summer was different and we need a boost to catch up! Beginning October 22nd at 12pm to November 1st, All Saint Day, at 12pm we are seeking to raise $10,000 over and above the normal giving for the special needs treasures at The Gem. 10 days of giving to love the Orphans at The Gem Foundation. We are seeking to raise $1000 per day over and above normal giving and the deficit will be made up!