What We Do

IVO is passionately committed to care, comfort and advocate for orphans around the world.


It all starts with food. Many orphanages have little resources to feed their children. We partner with orphanages and ministries in India and Uganda to feed their children. Every dollar feeds four children a meal!


Our driving passion is for every child to know God’s love. We advocate for “safe loving homes” to call family. The Special Needs Orphan is our primary focus as we partner with The Gem Foundation.


Emergency surgeries for “Special Needs Orphans” can be the difference between life and death. We seeks to discover & provide the best medical care for orphans and vulnerable children.


Every child deserves to know the truth and the love of God. IVO is a Christian organization and we’re not shy about it. We want to change the world one child at a time and this all begins with Jesus.

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