Founders Story

Thirty years ago Dwight and Linny Saunders brought home their oldest son from Asia. Over the years they would lovingly gather ten more from around the world with a few birth kids sprinkled in the pile.  They now have 14 children and with each adoption their hearts became desperate to make a difference in the life of a waiting orphan.Now, married almost 40 years, their five oldest are married and they are expecting their 10th grandchild!  Of their almost 10 grands, 3 are adopted! Dwight and Linny love that they have become a multi-generational adoptive family.

Of their 11 adopted children, five brought home were deemed special needs; although Dwight and Linny contend that the only true special need an orphan has is for a family to wholeheartedly welcome, fiercely protect and gently love them for the rest of their life.

With their hearts all in and their lives demonstrating what they passionately believe, Dwight and Linny knew there was so much more they had to do!  Talking to friends they realized that many wanted to do something but were unsure of what they could tangibly do or where to even begin.

In 2011, committed to making a lastly difference in the lives of waiting orphans, Dwight and Linny founded International Voice of the Orphan (IVO) a 501c3 nonprofit.  International Voice of the Orphan is a global ministry that advocates for the orphan, partners with a home in Uganda for orphans with severe special needs, provides medical care for special need orphans, take teams to serve the special need orphan and has currently fed over one million meals to orphans in four countries.

Dwight’s combined years as an attorney for over 10 years and 20 years as a senior pastor have equipped him to uniquely lead as the Executive Director of International Voice of the Orphan.  Linny’s a gifted writer who uses her gift to serve as the Advocacy Director of International Voice of the Orphan. She writes regularly advocating for the special needs orphan at   Linny has also authored two books:  Rescuing Ruby and The Memorial Box which will encourage you to live by faith in all areas of your life.

Dwight and Linny along with their nine youngest children, ranging in age from five to 19 years of age, make their home in gorgeous Arizona.

Dwight & Linny Saunders